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Review : Hanskin BB Ampule

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Hello everyone!
For this review I decide to write this in english. First of all, please forgive my super bad english. I hope you can understand what I mean (?)

So last year Charis Official send me a 'try me' product. One of them is Hanskin BB Ampule, if you didn't know Hanskin is a Korean Brand.

First time I saw the product, I think it's a serum lol. The packaging it's self sooo pretty, seriously. With a gradient pink-rose gold and metalic finish, I really didnt want to use it. But I used it anyway, because I need to make a review.

This bb cream had a more liquidty consistensy, meanwhile other had almost creamy consistensy. After I apply it to my skin, it's looks so good. It's not heavy at all, it really look like skin without anything. Even it's had a medium coverage for me. It has semi matte finish, not too dewy or too matte. And it's waterproof! It's last all day. Because it had serum, it's made my skin smoother and moist too.

But sadly it's lil' bit too pale for me, because my neck was darker than my face and chest. But I don't mind at all, since it didn't break me out and so lightweight.

I really love it so much, I will continue use it till' last drop lol

Rate? 9/10
I will but it again if  I finished this bottle.

Where to buy it?
Charis Official

Thank you for reading and see you next post!

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  1. Packaging nya bagus ya kakk pink rose-gold😍 jadinya gemess


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